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A list of some non-church affiliated resources:

(Many of these resources are free.)

Bible Resources:
Got QuestionsA great place to find answers to your questions about the Christian faith.
The Bible ProjectCool Videos about the Bible that will help your understanding of scripture.
You VersionBible software that can help you to interact with the bible daily. It includes apps and Bible reading plans and a considerable amount of free resources.
Bible GatewayWeb-based Bible software with access to multiple versions and commentaries.
Daily readings and resourcesOur Daily Bread – resources in multiple languages. 
Creation resources:
The Creation ClubA shared place where Bible believers post articles on Creation.
Institute of Creation researchCreation information by scientists.
Creation.comCreation information by scientists.
Answers in GenesisCreation information by scientists.
Outreach support:
Living WatersMinistry of Ray Comfort to encourage and support outreach to non-believers.
Dealing with life issues:
Conquer SeriesCourse material for groups to help you conquer pornography and sexual addictions.
JoeDallasDealing with sexual challenges and questions – “Real answers Real hope”
Thought provoking resources:
Christian Apologetics and Research MinistryA broad research and apologetics ministry that will help you to have answers to challenging questions and help you understand your faith.
Tim ChalliesSome thought-provoking articles to make you think about your faith.
Bible Teaching Resources:
The Gospel ProjectThe Gospel Project.  Great Bible study series with material produced for all ages.
Unlocking the Bible (Book)Book by Bible Teacher David Pawson that gives a great overview of each book of the Bible available at Amazon.
David PawsonSystematic theology teaching from David Pawson.
Khouse – Chuck Missler resourcesTeaching resources from Chuck Missler covering an enormous range of topics and books of the Bible and great for those with an interest in a scientific viewpoint.
Derek Prince Teaching resourcesTeaching resources from Derek Prince with an enormous range of topics and great for those with an interest in a Philosophy viewpoint.
Ariel – Arnold FruchtenbaumTeaching resources from Arnold Fruchtenbaum who comes from a Jewish perspective and is very methodical in his approach. Great for the serious scholar.  The Jewish perspective is a missing element in many resources.
Free study material from Evangelical Bible College Of Western AustraliaFree Downloadable Teaching Material from Dr John McEwan & Dr Peter Moses  (see also
Isreal focus
Amir Tsarfati – Behold IsraelAmir speaks around the world and is a trusted teacher with insight into situations in Israel and the Middle East
Other resources:
InfopleaseA simple comparison of religions

There are endless resources available for the Christian. The real challenge is identifying those which are good vs those which are not.