The Incredible Word

Cartoon of young man on a skateboard over a book

God’s Word will make a difference in your life

Why is the Word incredible? It has survived centuries of attack despite attempts to destroy or hide it and it will change your life from . . .
SIgn: Think for yourself

Be responsible for what you believe

Be like the Bereans (Acts17:11) who were commended for checking the scriptures to confirm what the great Apostle Paul taught them.  If you do this . . .
The Bible Project - NT Overview

The Bible Project – New Testament Overview

It is very helpful to get an overview of the scriptures and this video by The Bible Project people is especially good. . . .
Types of Bible Translations

Which version of the Bible?

There are so many versions of the Bible that it can be very confusing for newcomers as to which bible version to own. All English . . .
Picture of back of Jesus talking on the road to Emmaus

Is the Old Testament for today?

The most important truth of the Old Testament is that it all leads to and points to Jesus. It is also God's Word and God . . .
Bible Words Faith and Hope and Believe

Why trust the Bible?

Our journey of trust in the Word of God starts with a choice of Faith.  (Hebrews 12:6). We could stop with that sentence alone, however, . . .
New Christian Foundations