Practical tips on reading the Bible

2 minutes to read

Select a Bible:

  • Ensure you have a Bible with both Old and New Testaments.
  • The post on Bible versions will help you choose a Bible version.
  • Start with a physical bible as it will give you perspective on the layout.


  • Three good books of the Bible to cover off first are the gospel of  John and then James (in the New Testament) and then Genesis, the first book in the Old Testament.
  • It is better to read a complete book rather than jumping around at random.
  • When you start a new book in the Bible, it would be extremely helpful to visit The Bible Project each time. It provides 7-10 minutes overviews of each book.
  • Use the contents/Index section to find what you are looking for and use a bookmark to keep your place.
  • Underline text and write in the margins – make it your own.
  • It is helpful to read New Testament books in between reading Old Testament ones.
  • Create a daily habit of reading the Bible. The knowledge and understanding will build over time and change your life but it doesn’t happen overnight.


Key points:

  • Start out with the objective to read, to ponder and to think about scripture using a physical bible on a daily basis.
  • Rely on the insight of the Holy Spirit as you read.

“A bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t” Charles Spurgeon


The Bible Project: “The Story of the Bible”:-

Watch the following video from the Bible Project people on the story of the Bible to learn more about what you read.